Business opportunity online dating

“I think Sir Alan Sugar understands the opportunities of technology, but I think that the difficult part for him was maybe the dating space,” she reflects.

“I think the current problem with online dating is that it’s very transactional and there’s no personal touch,” Koutsomitis says.Sekä verkossa että tosielämässä terve järki on paras suojasi. Me Matchissa teemme kaikkemme, jotta viihdyt jäsenenämme!Valitsemalla meidät hyödyt maailman suurimpiin lukeutuvan deittiyrityksen kokemuksesta ja varmuudesta.“The online dating world has revolutionised the way we meet people now, it’s very different to how it was 20 years ago.“We want to encourage people to explore and learn and research the online dating space because it’s going to grow and it’s only going to get bigger in time.” The number of young adults using online dating apps has tripled since 2013 – which Koutsomitis has found both a problem and a solution in the already crowded market.

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