Snape and lily dating

Little does he know, Severus is a fool for intelligence and charm. Stali się oni czytelnikami książki, w której opisano przyszłość zarówno Harry'ego Pottera, jak i innych osób, które znają.

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But there’s a disturbing skew in Potter fandom, one that sees Snape painted as some sort of pitiable, tormented martyr.

So JK Rowling announce that there will be two new harry potter universe books coming out in October, sadly not about the Marauders :( So I’ve decided to post about my headcanon for a Marauders book, because while we all would love a Marauder series that probably isn’t going to happen rather a single book might.

Lily’s Journal- Picked up when she visit Diagon Alley for the first time, it never runs out of sheets1st Year will cover-Hella excited about starting at Hogwarts, list of spells she has tried, stories of adventures with Petunia-Excited to be sorted in Gryffindor but sad Sev got sorted into a different house but they’ll still be friends-Annoying toad Potter and his gaggle of friends, so stupid their pranks are and how dare they target Sev, why cant they just leave him alone (little does she know, he made fun of Remus’s scars)2nd Year will cover-Sadness about the anger and distance Petunia is keeping between them-Toad Potter starting to ask her out in increasingly outlandish ways-Sev starting to hang with the older darker Slytherin’s-Rumors of a war brewing-New spells and doodles in the margins-Becoming friends with Remus over “muggle” books3rd Year will cover-Petunia ignoring her all summer, Sev reading dark books -Excitement over new classes and new books from Diagon-Running into the Potters and just being charmed by his mother and wondering why Potter couldn’t be like that-In Defense, realizing Remus’s secret and being extra nice around the full moon-Fucking period came and what do you mean there isn’t a charm to stop it?

” She was a girl of exceptional talent and a kind heart, but she had been born between two worlds...neither of which she truly belonged.

She was Lily Evans, and she had lived as she had died; fighting for the things in life that should have been rightfully hers to claim.

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